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Singles Party 


Provides an opportunity for single individuals to mingle, socialize, and potentially meet romantic interests in a casual and relaxed setting. 一起加入輕鬆又悠閒的場合互相認識單身男女吧!

a man and a woman wearing masks at a party

Festival Masquerade


Celebrates various festivities and occasions with themed costumes, encouraging all participants to join in the festivities and have a great time together  選擇特殊節慶為參與者營造有趣活潑的氛圍,一起快樂過節日吧!

man wearing grey suit

Gala Social Party  


This event promises a sophisticated and elegant social experience, akin to a grand gala affair. 高級的宴會級聯誼社交場合,優雅的晚禮服搭配西裝紳士的夜晚,一場浪漫的邂逅。

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Mature Rendezvous 


For Single Men and Women Over 45, Specific Sessions Available.  對於45歲以上的單身男女有特定場次,幫助尋找下半輩子的良緣陪伴。

three men and one woman laughing during daytime

Outdoor Activity


This event is a social gathering held outdoors, perfect for individuals who enjoy nature and outdoor activities. 天氣好的時候一起出去走走吧!喜歡大自然和戶外活動的朋友們一起攜手走出戶外。

smiling man standing and mixing near woman in kitchen area of the house

Topics of interest


Focuses on bringing together individuals with similar interests to connect and socialize. 不定時推出不同興趣主題可以選擇參與並結交相同興趣的朋友。

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